Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What's up?

updated on 24th June 2010

First up, thanks to all the peeps who are now fans of SugarFixSG on Facebook; you guys officially rock! Thanks for your support :)

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And now, exciting stuff! SugarFix cupcakes were featured in the papers on Tuesday 22nd June 2010! (Life! section, p8)!! NLB and Twilight Singapore held a special event to celebrate Twilight vampire Edward Cullen's birthday as well as the upcoming movie The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Check out the news clipping below:

It was an exciting opportunity to do something different, and being familiar with the source material, I was quite psyched to work with the theme and come up with something special :)

I came up with 5 different cupcake toppers that reflected Edward's character and came up with the following:

Topper 1: The Cullen family crest

Topper 2: A quote by Edward Cullen (*sigh*)

Topper 3: Volvo XC60 (as featured in the New Moon movie and the upcoming Eclipse movie). As mentioned in the books, Edward's a Volvo owner.

Topper 4: Edward's favourite food: Mountain lion

Topper 5: Piano keys 'cos Edward's an excellent pianist

Ooh, and the cupcake flavour? Vanilla cupcakes with a strawberry filling. Very vamp-like me thinks :) The cupcakes are topped with sparkly fondant, 'cos y'know, vampires in Ms. Meyer's world sparkle in the sun.

Here's the set-up at the venue. The tier decor is inspired by the cover of the Twilight book, so lots of red, red apples and black accents.

For more pictures of the event and the cupcakes, head on to SugarFixSG's Facebook fan page and to Twilight Singapore.

On to more cupcakes! I love this following one! I made these as a wedding gift for a groom who loves tools, more specifically, Snap-On brand tools. I've never heard of the brand prior to making these, but oh my! They make the most gorgeous tools I've ever seen, haha! I'm still drooling over their sleek toolboxes :)

I made a couple of gumpaste toppers, namely, a screwdriver, a hammer, a power drill, and the iconic toolbox in black and red.

Another client wanted a cupcake version of the Tiffany-inspired cake I did some time back, so I came up with these sweet babies. Perfect as an engagaement gift :)

Now this one is just too cute! Made to celebrate a birthday, the request was simple: ladybugs!!
I made the smiling ladybugs out of gumpaste, each resting on a leaf before topping off the buttercream-frosted cupcakes. Finished off with some confetti sprinkles. Very fun, very cute :)

Here's a close-up. Smile!!

Wedding time! Inspired by an earlier cupcake design I made, the client requested for a similar design for a wedding. Very bold and romantic, from the colours to the design :)

The next client wanted something simple but elegant, and in the colours lilac and black. I came up with this two tier fondant-covered cake with matching cupcakes.

Another purple cake coming up! This three-tier cake is covered in light cream fondant with purple decor. The bows on the first and third tier have brooches attached to them, while the second tier is covered in a damask design. Purple gumpaste butterflies are added as the cake topper and accents on the second tier.

While we're on the topic of butterflies, the following cake was done as a wedding gift and features wired gumpaste butterflies 'fluttering' among the yellow gumpaste roses. The cake sides feature embossed butterflies which were dusted in yellow and blue in keeping with the colour theme.

See more pics under Gallery :)


2Dynamic said...

Hey Babe,
Looks yummy!
Engagement cupcakes...Oh! Why didn't I have that for my engagement party many years ago...hehehe.
Keep doing what u r doing...Will order some cupcakes from you soon...


shahirah said...

hi sheda!!

so good to hear from you :) thanks for your encouragement, it means a lot :D

john_3330 said...

Hi Shahirah,
Im one of those who stood near the rocky road brownies and make sure that there are still some left for me.. =D

I must say u bake some niceeee brownies! Got ur name card from ur hubby and i will be contacting u once i have any event on hand that needs some sugar fix!

shahirah said...

hi john!

glad you like the brownies :) hmmm...seems like the Rocky Road Brownies will be made into a yearly sffair for Daddy Hobby BBQ sessions! just have to remember to make more of them :D

~Momster said...

You are SO talented. I'm in awe, really, of all of these photos. Wonderful work. Now I need a Sugar Fix. ;)