Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good things come in boxes!

*Cake & Cupcake Giftboxes

I love making these things!! A dressed-up cupcake speaks volumes, and when you have a whole box filled with these dainty things all packed with a pretty bow? Gorgeous!! And a beautifully-decorated customised cake that comes in a decorated box is a show-stopper by itself :)

I first made a cupcake giftbox for my bestest friend when her brother got engaged. I got to use all my flower cutters and let my imagination run free, it was so fun. It's a real challenge to work within a theme and to make sure everything is tastefully done, but I love it and I get to share the excitement of the person's special day.

I've had requests for many more cupcake and cake giftboxes since, and I've enjoyed making each and every one of them. Look out for them featured in the Gallery.

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